RecordTS Tested On Windows Server 2022

IT’S OFFICIAL:  Windows Server 2022 preview is now available for download.

So what has changed?   To some, not much, but anyone deploying to the cloud and looking for more security, a lot. I won’ t go into all the new features here since this is a post about RecordTS, but you can read more about What’s new in Windows Server 2022.

In our lab, I loaded up Windows Server 2022 standard evaluation onto a new virtual machine in our VMware vSphere host environment. Windows Server 2022 acts and feels just like its predecessor, Windows Server 2019 and I had a hard time finding any immediately obvious differences. Of course most of the new features are security related so one wouldn’t expect to see much in the way of UI changes. The OS seems faster, but maybe that’s just me.

Once I got Windows Server 2022 configured, I installed the latest build of RecordTS v6 Enterprise Edition, all modules installed together. For the recorder, I installed the new Windows Virtual Desktops recorder. This new recorder does not rely on protocols like RDP or ICA and resides on the desktops rather than the server communication channels.  You can read more about the new recorder here: RecordTS WVD Recorder.

Next I ran some initial tests using the standard Windows Remote Desktop client. I connected locally using some domain administration accounts, and then some domain users accounts. All sessions were recorded and played back perfectly.  It is interesting to note the new WVD recorder can record local admin sessions as well as remote user sessions.

Then I uninstalled the WVD recorder and installed the terminal services legacy RDP/ICA recorder. Again, I connected using domain admin and user accounts with the Remote Desktop client and all sessions recorded and played back as expected. This confirms that RecordTS v6 works nicely on the new Windows Server 2022.

Let me know what your results are and what you think of the new Windows Server 2022.

Tom from Raleigh, NC USA

Download Windows Server 2022