While government network security and solutions to cyber terrorism are a major concern for government cybersecurity, the case of Edward Snowden clearly showed that the biggest threat comes from within. And while most government organizations employ detailed background checks, it is hardly enough to prevent insider attacks.

Data leaks and data misuse can prove very costly. What is more important, is the fact that the actions of a malicious actor are indistinguishable from a regular working routine of a loyal employee, which makes them very hard to detect.

While access control does help, a more holistic approach to insider threats prevention is required.

Such approach should include: Formal security policy

Government staff needs to be informed about the dangers of insider threats and best practices to prevent them. Formal policy that clearly prohibits dangerous actions, such as password sharing, using USB sticks at work, etc., needs to be created and effectively enforced. Employee awareness is the first step in improving security posture of a government organization. Access management solution. Access management is a basic precautionary measure stopping unauthorized personnel from accessing sensitive or restricted data. Employees should have clearly defined access privileges and all access should be denied by default unless needed. User actions monitoring. The only way to detect and reliably prevent insider threats is to be able to see and record every action user takes while working with sensitive data. User action monitoring solutions are paramount to an effective data misuse prevention.


Most user monitoring solutions come with a large drawback, preventing government institutions from using them. They are too expensive and with already tight budged, not every agency or organization can afford one, especially for a small deployment.

However, TSFactory is an exception to the rule. It is a comprehensive user monitoring solution capable of recording every user session, regardless of the used applications, network configuration, or the level of privilege that user has. One of the biggest advantages for government institutions is the flexible licensing scheme that TSFactory employs. This scheme allows flexibly to adjust costs according to the deployment size, making it effective for organizations of every size. This allows TSFactory to serve as an efficient and effective user monitoring solution for government institutions worldwide, providing insider threat detection and prevention capabilities and helping to save costs.