Proctoring & Training


Now that exams are moving from pen and paper to computers, it has become necessary for proctoring to become more sophisticated. Enter RecordTS.

How it Works

RecordTS records user activity on the server. A student logs into a university’s computer and immediately RecordTS begins recording the student’s session and continues to do so until they log out of the terminal session. This is a great proctoring tool as examiners can audit a student’s exam by viewing the whole exam period. This is more cost-effective as it is a one-off payment for the software.

How it’s Useful

Ensure cheating has not taken place

Able to see if student is suspected of using another browner to answer a question

Can be helpful for the student if the exam failed to save as their entire exam session can be viewed

Captures students’ progress in a reliable and consistent way.

How We’re Different Than Competitors

We have a unique software offering which provides a one off payment for software which can record up to 25 students at once.Princes start as low as $500 for a one off payment.

Many organizations also require software which records employee’s computer activities which can be shown to others for training purposes. Let’s say someone calls into the helpdesk with a one-off issue that’s hard to reproduce. You’ve recorded their session and everything the user has done in that session is included in the recording, including all the steps the user took prior to the issue manifesting itself. No more hunting for error messages, no more asking the user “could you please try abc”

Our Education Customers

MIT, University of Alaska – Fairbanks, University of Florida, International Culinary Chef