User Activity Monitoring

A Definition of UAMs

User activity monitoring (UAM) solutions are software tools that monitor and track end user behavior on devices, networks, and other company-owned IT resources. Many organizations implement user activity monitoring tools to help detect and stop insider threats, whether unintentional or with malicious intent. The range of monitoring and methods utilized depends on the objectives of the company.

By implementing user activity monitoring, enterprises can more readily identify suspicious behavior and mitigate risks before they result in data breaches, or at least in time to minimize damages. Sometimes called user activity tracking, user activity monitoring is a form of surveillance, but serves as a proactive review of end user activity to determine misuse of access privileges or data protection policies either through ignorance or malicious intent.

The Solution

This is where RecordTS comes into the picture. With RecordTS you can:

  • View their sessions in a video and provide evidence of wrongdoing (were they working when they said they were?)
  • Mistakes in business procedures (not entering customer data properly)
  • Security breaches (Ransomware attacks – did they open an infected email?)
  • Support information (what steps were taken when your program crashed?)

TSFactory’s RecordTS v7 will record Windows remote sessions reliably and securely for RDS, Citrix and VMware systems. Scalable from small offices with one server to enterprise networks with tens of thousands of desktops and servers, RecordTS integrates seamlessly with the native environment.