Technical Services

Technical services companies include those who provide IT services, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), infrastructure services, cloud services and more. These organizations power the modern world, and are often hit with insider attacks as a result.

The Problem

They suffer from risks as theft of intellectual property, disruption of IT operations, exfiltration of customer data and network and systems disruption leading to downtime.

Cloud services have vastly expanded the scope of insider threat. The sheer number of cloud applications and immature auditing and governance controls relative to on-premise applications result in a broad range of vectors for data exfiltration. Furthermore, enterprises leave a certain amount of liability in the hands of cloud service providers, who must protect corporate data from malicious actors within their own organizations. In other words, there are more vectors to access data and it is easier to remove data from the corporate environment.

As a consequence more and more managed service providers and cloud providers are partnering with third parties to offer security as a service to their clients — often because existing clients are clamoring for security offerings that go beyond firewalls and antivirus software. In many cases, these partnerships are helping Cloud Providers and others in the channel stay relevant.

The Solution

RecordTS captures remote desktop sessions for employee and contractor activity auditing, allowing you to monitor access to published applications that contain sensitive or confidential information; for example medical patient records, customer information, or financial data.