Financial Services


Financial services is an industry plagued with exceptionally high levels of insider breaches and information misconduct. Banks, insurers, and investment companies have access to millions of customer’s personally identifiable information (PII) as well as self-developed intellectual property which they have to protect. In order to stay ahead of the game, organizations in the financial industry need to focus on cybersecurity and keeping their information safe. The biggest of these cybersecurity challenges financial organizations face today is people. Whether it’s employees, privileged users, or third parties, insiders introduce risk to your organization because they must be given access to critical applications, systems, and data to do their jobs effectively.

Within the financial services industry, the data security compliance and regulation challenges are daunting. There are many data security requirements ranging from credit card related information, GLBA, SOX/J-SOX, NCUA, data privacy and data residency laws and even the American Patriot Act. More recently, China enacted similar requirements to SOX which puts them in line with worldwide practices as it accords with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation.

To protect their reputation and adhere to regulations, banking and financial services firms and their executives must safeguard critical financial data from exposure which makes user monitoring in financial services necessary.

2. Insider Threats


TSFactory’s RecordTS helps financial services companies identify and eliminate insider threat risk by focusing on user activity. With complete visibility into all activity on your network, you can not only catch and stop insider threats but meet and surpass all compliance and regulatory requirements with ease.

Our Financial Services Customers

Credit Suisse, Fiserv, ING, Morgan Stanley, SWIFTs