The Problem:

Many industries have data and employee monitoring requirements, requiring log collection and monitoring systems which provide an audit trail of all access and activity to sensitive business information. One of the most well known is HIPPA, the US healthcare industry legislation which provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. American financial services are regulated by SOX, a series of regulations enacted in response to a chain of high-profile financial scandals that occurred in the early 2000s which rattled investor confidence. In addition, there are many other industry specific regulations which cover fields from education to the US federal government: NERC, FFIEC, FISMA, and FERPA. If any of these acronyms sound familiar, it’s probably a good idea to ensure you are adhering to your industry’s regulations. Recently China enacted similar requirements to SOX which puts them in line with worldwide practices as it accords with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation.

The Solution: 

RecordTS monitors and audits all activity taken on an organization’s systems to help meet stringent auditing requirements. RecordTS helps companies protect data and reduce risk as well as ensuring they meet compliance requirements by offering visibility into user activity.