Beware the cost traps that can strain precious cybersecurity budgets

Recent data paints a conflicting picture in relation to cybersecurity budgets. Some research indicates that budgets are increasing healthily with CISOs eyeing up their next spending sprees. Other studies suggest security budgets are tightening or even being slashed despite previously being approved, hamstringing security strategies and creating risky blind spots.

Several factors such as company size and sector undoubtedly play a role in the inconsistencies, but regardless of whether a CISO’s funds are plentiful or sparse, the opportunity to save money by avoiding hidden, unnecessary costs is surely universally welcome.

Security investments can come with cost traps that aren’t always obvious but eat into security leaders’ precious funds over time, without them ever realizing. These range from costs that are discernible with the right knowledge to others that are somewhat surprising, even for the most weathered of CISOs.

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Source: CSO Online