1. TSFactory is a software security company specializing in providing cutting-edge solutions for secure remote access. Briefly introduce TSFactory. What is the background history of the formation of the company?
The company was originally formed in 2005 by Microsoft MVP Claudio Rodrigues with the intent on providing recording for remote RDP sessions. Later, Citrix XenApp session recording was added and later support for VMware Horizon. Over time, the products have evolved with the architecture and now support hybrid cloud environments along with Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktops.

2. How has TSFactory’s journey been since its formation?
At first it was difficult to get buy-in for remote session recording as the industry (as usual) lags behind in technology awareness. Eventually businesses found the need for session recording and it became a foregone conclusion to add session recording to the system administrator’s toolbox. Now it has become mandatory in many industries and the need for session recording is only growing long term as work-from-home has become pervasive along with cloud computing.

3. TSFactory has been offering solutions to various industries, specifically with its innovative product RecordTS. What are the benefits of using RecordTS?
RecordTS is a dedicated product focused on one thing only – recording Windows sessions. Because of this narrow product focus, we can provide dedicated, light weight session recording software that doesn’t require a heavy investment in a costly total network solution. Customers like this approach because they like the idea of having specialized tools for the job. Session recording typically comes bundled with a much larger solution and is quite often not supported as well as the rest of the products. With RecordTS, you get a product was designed specifically for the job with a lot of deployment flexibility, great support and attention to detail.

4. With remote work becoming more prevalent in the modern workplace, how is TSFactory adapting and evolving its solutions to meet the changing needs and demands of customers in this space?
For instance, RecordTS recently underwent major changes to adapt to Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktops where the normal remote access is not an option. Our design team worked with Microsoft Azure engineers to create a new recorder that no longer relied on intercepting remote RDP traffic. This new recorder works in any hosting environment and in any cloud deployment. RecordTS works most DaaS infrastructures including VMware Horizon and Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops. All these solutions are being deployed in the cloud and on-prem for work-at-home scenarios and need session recording as a part of employee and contractor monitoring.

5. Let’s discuss the recent developments or updates in TSFactory’s remote access solution, RecordTS V7. How are these updates improving security and efficiency for customers?
Our new protocol agnostic recorder has been added to our small office product, RecordTS Single Server Edition which makes it much more extensible in the SOHO and medium office workspace. Customers looking to add session recording to their RD gateway or jump boxes would be interested in this product. RecordTS Enterprise Edition has a newly  revamped storage server which is 40% more efficient than its SQL counterparts.

6. With so many players in the remote access solutions market, what sets TSFactory apart from its competitors? How does RecordTS provide value to customers with its solution?
RecordTS remains a focused, targeted session recording solution that is budget friendly and does not require a larger network framework to function. RecordTS can be deployed in a wide range of environments, from small offices with only one server to Fortune 500 companies with tens of thousands of desktops to record. RecordTS can be deployed solely on-prem, totally in the cloud or as a hybrid solution. Customers are not tied to one hosting application like other products restrict. RecordTS can simultaneously record mixed hosting environments such as VMware Horizon, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop and Azure Window Virtual Desktops or Microsoft RDS.

7. Looking to the future, what are some of TSFactory goals and plans for expanding its remote access solutions and reaching new markets or industries? Can you provide any insights into upcoming product developments or innovations that customers can look forward to?
One product that has been in the pipelines is a session auditor that adds the ability to monitor user activity such as opening applications, typing certain words or phrases, or browsing restricted websites. This would be a companion product to RecordTS session recording. We are also working on more robust enterprise features such as distributed storage using existing storage fabrics and multi-domain system management for large deployments.

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