Migrating RecordTS to the Cloud

I was reading an article in ComputerWorld that spoke about migrating to the cloud and came across a section discussing the pros and cons of various aspects of the migration process. One such aspect was the affect application licensing and how some software vendors have commercial models that are not designed for cloud architectures. The author points out this will lead to increased costs in the migration.

The good news is that RecordTS v6 is designed for the cloud, especially the licensing. We now offer subscription licensing via a centralized license server (hosted by you) similar to other products, only our licensing has the option to be configured dynamically. This is accomplished by pairing the customer’s license server with the TSFactory’s centralized licensing authority (CLA) providing instant license changes. No more physical licenses or waiting for IT to update the license server. Changes are pushed down to your license server on demand.

For customers that have frequent changes in licensing such as cloud providers or subscription services where virtual machines and users come and go all the time, licensing can be a headache to manage. But with RecordTS, adding or removing licenses is a breeze. Monthly audits summarize the changes and billing is simplified. Win-win all around.

I encourage you to try RecordTS v6 for yourself and see how easy deploying session recording to the cloud can be. And if you haven’t already got a copy of DaaS: The Complete Guide, please check out the link below. This book is a real time saver for Azure Windows Virtual Desktop deployments.

Tom from Raleigh, NC USA