Pro-Hamas Hacktivists Targeting Israeli Entities with Wiper Malware

A pro-Hamas hacktivist group has been observed using a new Linux-based wiper malware dubbed BiBi-Linux Wiper, targeting Israeli entities amidst the ongoing Israeli-Hamas war.

“This malware is an x64 ELF executable, lacking obfuscation or protective measures,” Security Joes said in a new report published today. “It allows attackers to specify target folders and can potentially destroy an entire operating system if run with root permissions.”

Some of its other capabilities include multithreading to corrupt files concurrently to enhance its speed and reach, overwriting files, renaming them with an extension containing the hard-coded string “BiBi” (in the format “[RANDOM_NAME].BiBi[NUMBER]”), and excluding certain file types from being corrupted.

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Source: The Hacker News