NSA Blocked 10 Billion Connections to Malicious and Suspicious Domains

Published on Tuesday, the NSA’s 2023 Cybersecurity Year in Review report (PDF) details the agency’s efforts in cybersecurity and its work with government partners, foreign partners, and defense industrial base (DIB) entities to improve national security.

The NSA’s cybersecurity efforts mainly focus on protecting national security systems (NSS), which contain classified information or are critical to US military and intelligence, the Department of Defense (DoD) services and agency networks, and DIB organizations (DoD contractors).

“NSA’s efforts to help secure the nation’s most sensitive systems also help your cybersecurity because NSA cascades these solutions through public guidance and engages with key technology providers to help them bolster the security of their products and services,” the agency notes.

The NSA also says that the no-cost cybersecurity services it offers to DoD contractors have seen a 400% adoption this year, with the number of enrolled organizations surpassing 600. Small businesses, including organizations with limited resources, represent more than 70% of the current DIB.

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Source: Security Week