Most passwords are cracked in less than an hour, and many in just one minute

“Humans are very vulnerable.” That’s according to Yuliya Novikova, head of Fingerprint Intelligence at the cybersecurity company Kaspersky. She made the comment after an exhaustive study of 193 million passwords found that only two out of 10 are secure. Most are cracked in an hour, and many of them in just a minute. And cracking them costs very little. Dark web and Telegram channels — where cybercrime weapons are sold — offer “all-inclusive” packages for just €80 ($85) a week. These packages include programs, cloud servers and the data of potential victims.

“Our data is like our home. Would you leave it open for anyone to enter?” asks Lilian Balatsou, an expert in artificial intelligence linguistics and a doctor in Cognitive Neuroscience from Bangor University, during a meeting of the cybersecurity firm in Athens. After the Kaspersky’s study, it would appear that we do: according to the research, we leave the door open half of the time.

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Source: El Pais (English)