Abandoned VMware Partners Courted by Broadcom Competitors

VMware partners continue searching for alternatives post-Broadcom acquisition, and plenty of vendors are jumping in to fill the void.

It’s a big difference from the picture VMware painted a year ago. Back then the company said it was doubling-down into managed services, recognizing that it’s partners were moving into new revenue streams as the marketplace evolved. But that all came to a crashing halt once the Broadcom acquisition of VMware was completed.

In mid-December 2023, thousands of VMware resellers, distributors and service providers were told that the partner program, along with its incentives and their status within it, was terminated and that it would be replaced with the Broadcom Advantage Partner Program, effective Feb. 5, 2024. Partners were told they would be contacted in January to learn whether Broadcom would invite them to continue to sell the products.

But in early January, published reports said that many VMware partners had not yet received information about whether or not they would continue, leaving them “scared, angry and terminated.”

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Source: Channel E2E