User Activity Monitor (UAM)

The purpose of user activity monitoring (UAM) is to protect information while ensuring availability and compliance with data privacy and security regulations. UAM goes beyond simply monitoring network activity. Instead, it can monitor all types of user activity, including all system, data, application, and network actions that users take – such as their web browsing activity, whether users are accessing unauthorized or sensitive files, and more.

Whether it is a company’s intellectual property, financial records, customer data or other sensitive material, it only takes one insider to engage in unwanted behavior and expose an organization to risks. In fact, the majority of the data breaches in recent years involved weak or exploited employee credentials either by malicious or accidental incidents. This is where User Activity Monitoring (UAM) can help fill the gaps with employee monitoring.

RecordTS acts as a user activity monitor by recording remote desktop sessions known as session recording.

What is Session Recording?

Session recording is the ability to capture a video recording of a user’s desktop session when they log in remotely to a Horizon or Windows server or workstation. Whatever is displayed on the user’s screen is captured in video format and stored to a central location for playback.

Why is this useful or important?

Many industries are required by law to record remote desktop activity. These include health care such as hospitals and banks where patient and client transactions must be protected. Other applications include assuring compliance, auditing activities like monitoring employee or contractor access to company computers.

  • This is where RecordTS comes into the picture. With RecordTS you can:
  • View their sessions in a video and provide evidence of wrongdoing (were they working when they said they were?)
  • Mistakes in business procedures (not entering customer data properly)
  • Security breaches (Covid-19 virus or Ransomware attacks – did they open an infected email?)
  • Support information (what steps were taken when your program crashed?)
  • TSFactory’s RecordTS v5 will record Windows remote sessions reliably and securely for RDS, Citrix and VMware systems. Scalable from small offices with one server to enterprise networks with tens of thousands of desktops and servers, RecordTS integrates seamlessly with the native environment.

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