The Problem

Every organization is mobile now. While most companies have a way to monitor employees within their workplace, few have tools to monitor them as they’re working from home. One compelling case can be made for recording remote sessions for later playback and review. Employers are concerned that in the event of a security breach, they won’t be able to see what was happening on users’ desktops when the breach occurred. Another reason for recording remote sessions is to maintain compliance, as required for medical and financial institutions or auditing for business protocols, etc.

The Solution

This is where RecordTS comes into the picture. With RecordTS you can:

  • View their sessions in a video and provide evidence of wrongdoing (were they working when they said they were?)
  • Mistakes in business procedures (not entering customer data properly)
  • Security breaches (Covid-19 virus or Ransomware attacks – did they open an infected email?)
  • Support information (what steps were taken when your program crashed?)

TSFactory’s RecordTS v5 will record Windows remote sessions reliably and securely for RDS, Citrix and VMware systems. Scalable from small offices with one server to enterprise networks with tens of thousands of desktops and servers, RecordTS integrates seamlessly with the native environment.

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