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“The ability to record the whole terminal server farm for later playback is incredible. Being in the cyber-security space one must take every precaution to ensure the protection of customer information. TSFactory’s RecordTS powerful solution has allowed my company the ability to do just that.”

Miguel Hablutzel
Focus Audits, LLC
President and CEO


“So we here at the University of Alaska Fairbanks eLearning department provide proctoring services for both students who attend our University and others around the country. We have used your previous version of TS record and when I upgraded to Windows server 2012 I was happy to hear you still made TS recording software and that it was available for Windows Server 2012. It was very easy to install and the fact that you have someone available to speak to over the phone when there could have been a problem was very helpful and appreciated.

How we are using it and how it has helped.

We used TS recording software for quality control. We are using Terminal Services installed on a Windows 2012 domain server. We have the student log into the server through a desktop (which we have 20 of) in our exams center room (proctor room). Immediately the TS recording begins recording the students session and continues to do so until he or she logs out of the Terminal session. TS recording software has saved students many hours, for instance last semester a student completed a proctored exam using an Excel spreadsheet but did not properly upload it the file into Blackboard. Well i was able to get into the TS recording interface on the Terminals server and view what she had done and then download it into a movie file and provide it to her professor who was able to grade it.

Its also very helpful if we suspect a student who may have cheated while taking his or her test. They may have attempted to use another browser to find an answer to a question and we are able to quickly view and prove whether they did or not.

UAF eLearning provides proctoring services for thousands of students each year and it is good to know TS record captures their progress in a reliable consistent way.”

Jerry Brant

UAF eLearning & Distance Education

University of Alaska


“We had a vendor that insisted on unattended administrative access to a couple of servers with software that they support. Typically, we use webex or teamviewer to monitor their actions while they work on the server. This limits them to scheduling a remote session to work on support tickets submitted by the customer to times when a system administrator is available. The solution was to purchase your product and setup as a jump box. This allows them to remote into a single server and from there remote into the server they need to work on, while at the same time record all of their actions. The thought is, if something happens to the server, we would be able to review the video and determine what the vendor did to cause the issue.”

Jerry Leffert
Police Department – University of Florida – UFIT Business Center Staff  


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