Hackers threaten to publish huge cache of NHS data

A ransomware group is threatening to publish a huge cache of stolen data following a cyber attack on a Scottish health board.

NHS Dumfries and Galloway warned earlier this month that hackers could have acquired “a significant quantity” of patient and staff information.

A group calling itself INC Ransom has now said it will make public three terabytes of data unless its demands are met.

The cyber criminals have published what they’ve called a “proof pack,” including confidential information on a small number of patients.

The first minister said the government is doing everything it can to stop the release of the stolen data.

NHS Dumfries and Galloway confirmed that “clinical data relating to a small number of patients” had been published by a recognised ransomware group.

In a statement, it said hackers were able to access a significant amount of data including patient and staff-identifiable information.

Jeff Ace, the health board’s chief executive, said patient-facing services were functioning “effectively as normal” after the attack on IT systems earlier this month.

He said that as part of the response, the health board will be making contact with any patients whose data has been leaked.

He said: “We absolutely deplore the release of confidential patient data as part of this criminal act.

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Source: BBC