Cybersecurity, blockchain and NFTs meet the metaverse

It’s easy to dismiss the metaverse as futuristic hyperbole, but do we really believe that tapping on a smartphone, staring at a screen or two-dimensional Zoom meetings are the future of how we work, play and communicate? As the internet itself proved to be larger than we ever imagined, it’s very possible that the combination of massive processing power, cheap storage, artificial intelligence, blockchains, cryptocurrency, sensors, augmented and virtual reality, brain interfaces and other emerging technologies will combine to create new and unimaginable consumer experiences — and massive wealth for creators of the metaverse.

In this Breaking Analysis, we explore the intersection of cybersecurity, blockchain, cryptocurrency, nonfungible tokens and the emerging metaverse. To do so, we welcome Nick Donarski, cybersecurity expert, hacker, gamer, NFT expert and founder of ORE System.

Today we’re going to traverse two parallel paths. One took Nick from security expert and security penetration tester to NFTs, tokens and the metaverse. And we’ll simultaneously explore the complicated world of cybersecurity in the enterprise and how the blockchain, crypto and NFTs — which allow for the ownership of virtual items in virtual worlds such as avatars and virtual apparel — will provide key underpinnings for digital ownership in the metaverse.

We’ll talk a bit about blockchain and crypto and some of the realities and misconceptions and how innovations in those worlds have led to the NFT craze. We’ll look at what’s really going on in NFTs and why they’re important as both a technology and societal trend.

We’ll dig into the tech and try to explain why and how blockchain and NFTs will lay the foundation for the metaverse. And finally, who is going to build the metaverse and how long will it take?

Source: Silicon Angle

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