Product:    RecordTS
Version:     5.2
Build:         1222
Families:  All

RecordTS for Citrix:
added support for Citrix v7 build 2009
fixed issue with new Windows 10 workstation not recording
RecordTS for VMware:
added support for Horizon v8
RecordTS Dashboard:
improved Sessions page table
added sessions deleting
added custom filters
added “configure table” button to Sessions page
RecordTS Recorder:
fix to skip CAL license packets
improved parser checks
ICA recording now works on new Windows 10 endpoints
RecordTS Storage Server:
added read-only instance of Storage Server (for faster playback)
storage mirroring supports live sessions

Dashboard – many improvements to Sessions page
Storage Server – improved playback with addition of read-only instance
Recorder – parsers for RDP and ICA improved detection of certain packets

New Features:
Session deleting
Updated Sessions table
Advanced Sessions custom filtering
Storage Server read-only instance

Modules/Components Affected:
Dashboard, Storage Server, License Server, All Recorders

This is a roundup release covering many interim internal builds that were not made public.

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