Why Cloud Providers Should Partner with Third Parties to Offer SECaaS

Today’s businesses face an IT environment where proprietary information and confidential client data must be secured against ever-escalating attacks and evolving vulnerabilities. At the same time, employees can now work from anywhere using mobile devices that access company data and malicious threats (from device theft to hacking to ransomware) loom large with their potential to expose that sensitive information. These threats are concerning for businesses of all sizes and across all industries — especially in healthcare and finance where laws and regulations like HIPAA and FINRA require data security diligence backed by requirements with substantial fines and penalties.

Demand & Expectations from Clients

As a consequence more and more managed service providers, cloud providers and other technical services are partnering with third parties to offer security as a service to their clients — often because existing clients are clamoring for security offerings that go beyond firewalls and antivirus software. In many cases, these partnerships are helping Cloud Providers and others in the channel stay relevant.

Businesses that have faced the devastating harm of a data breach or ransomware know data security is no place to cut corners and all possible measures should be taken to avoid such an outcome. Cloud-based security services, as delivered by Cloud Providers, are increasingly providing essential value to clients with sensitive data and the need for more flexibility than is available with on-premises security solutions.

For Cloud Providers, this means implementing services that extend security protection when data is distributed and under conditions that make it vulnerable. This strategy, therefore, must be holistic and provide protection against emerging threats to ensure data is robustly defended.

Lucrative Opportunities

There are huge opportunities for channel partners to capitalize on security services. The global managed security services market is expected to reach $29.9 billion by 2020, according to Allied Market Research. “Lack of capital and skilled IT resources needed to manage the data security are the major hindrances in protecting the information,” the firm noted. “Managed security services have emerged as [a] lucrative option for delivering security asset monitoring and management, threat intelligence research, detection and remediation, and risk and compliance management solutions on a shared basis to multiple clients.”

The firm anticipates small and midsize businesses will lead the adoption of cloud-based managed IT security services due to cost constraints.

Employee Monitoring Software

Many organizations think that just providing login credentials and limiting access permissions will ensure protection. Without a monitoring system in place, unauthorized access to internal data can easily occur. Many industries have data and employee monitoring requirements, requiring log collection and monitoring systems that provide an audit trail of all access and activity to sensitive business information. In addition, there are many other industry-specific regulations that cover fields from education to the US federal government.

Why RecordTS?

RecordTS captures remote desktop sessions for employee and contractor activity auditing, allowing you to monitor access to published applications that contain sensitive or confidential information; for example medical patient records, customer information, or financial data.
Features include:

    • Data Buffering: Prepared for system failures by buffering session video when database connectivity becomes intermittent or goes offline.
    • Session Reliability: Users see no session latency and experience downtime due to periods of high usage.
    • Security: Man-in-the-middle design, it’s very hard for users to circumvent the recording process or know they are being recorded.
    • Native Storage Server: up to 40x faster than SQL databases
    • Export Stored Sessions: to a common video format for portability
    • Universal Recorder: capable of recording multiple protocols concurrently

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