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TSFactory's RecordTS Enterprise Edition is a powerful, efficient, high performance recording solution for RDS, Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop, and VMware Horizon.


RecordTS can record whole server farms by streaming session video to databases for later playback.


RecordTS's footprint is very small, barely noticable. Data is buffered to guarantee no data loss or corruption.

High Performance

Record thousands of remote desktop sessions with no loss of data or degradation in system performance.

Key Features

TSFactory's RecordTS Enterprise Edition is robust, feature laiden.

Data Buffering

RecordTS is prepared for system failures by buffering session video when database connectivity becomes intermittant or goes offline.
Session Reliability

Users see no session latency and experience down time due to periods of high usage.

With RecordTS's man-in-the-middle design, it's very hard for users to circumvent the recording process or know they are being recorded...

Architectural Simplicity

All components centrally managed.

Installation is a breeze as all components can be installed and configured with the whole system up and recording in under 15 minutes.

For Windows Terminal Services and Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop, RecordTS wedges itself between the client and server so that it can reliably intercept session traffic. For VMware Horizon, RecordTS integrates with the Horizon service to receive incoming session video.

Session video is streamed directly to a database for storage and later playback. The system can be administered via the RecordTS Dashboard web console which enables licensing, features and where sessions can be viewed.

Affordable Power and Performance

TSFactory's RecordTS Enterprise Edition is cost effective.

Pricing starts at $1495 USD for one server and 50 concurrent users.

Download the 30-day trial of the FULL version to start testing today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most popular customer questions.

How many users can I record with the Terminal Services version?

The base package allows you to record up to fifty (50) remote desktop users. (requires corresponding Windows RDS licenses to work properly)

How much does the Terminal Services version cost?

The base package of RecordTS for Terminal Services starts at $1495 USD. You can expand the solution by adding more user and server licenses at any time.

Is support and upgrades included?

You can get support and upgrades with the purchase of a software assurance plan whereas subscriptions come with support and upgrades.