Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of commonly asked questions about our products and services.
If you cannot find what you are looking for then please contact our support team for assistance.

Do you offer free support?

We offer free support with all subscriptions and paid software assurance plans. We recommend testing the software before purchasing to ensure it works properly in your environment.

Can I install everything onto one box?

Yes! The trial software will (which is RecordTS Single Server Edition) and was designed for this very purpose.

How is RecordTS licensed?

Per user and per server. Users are concurrent connections so you only need to license the total number of users that would be logged in remotely at any given time. Every server or workstation that is recorded needs to have a license.

Why do I need to install a database?

RecordTS v4 stores session activity to a database, which needs to be installed by the customer. If you only have one server to record, the Single Server Edition installs one for you.

I just added more users to my network. How do I include them?

Simply purchase additional user licenses. If you have a subscription, it will be automatically updated.

What version of XenApp do you support?

RecordTS v4 supports v6.5 of Citrix XenApp and v7 of Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp.

Can I record an unlimited number of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and XenApp/XenDesktop sessions?

Realistically you are limited by the number of purchased licenses, network bandwidth, database storage size and the number of remote sessions the machine can handle.

What type of session recording does RecordTS v4 support?

The recording is protocol based, capturing the low level communications protocol (RDP) or ICA for Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop.
It is NOT a screen capture program, so ALL activity between the client and host are recorded - nothing is missed.

Users cannot connect after installing RecordTS. What now?

Try rebooting. Usually this does the trick. Also, check firewall rules to allow connection to RecordTS service. Sometimes antivirus software can prevent RecordTS from installing properly. Disable it completely before installing. If all else fails, you can install again.

No recordings are being made when users connect.

This is usually a bad install and can be resolved by disabling antivirus software and installing again. This can also be caused by third party software fighting for the terminal services port 3389. Contact our support team for assistance.

My License Server cannot authenticate.

For customers with subscription licensing, this is usually a firewall blocking access to our webservers. Subscriptions need continuous internet access to on port 27280.

My company does not allow internet access to our servers. What now?

You can place License Server in a DMZ where it can safely connect to our webservers and also to your internal servers or you can purchase a permanent license which does not require internet access.

Dashboard displays error when trying to configure a database.

Make sure the Dashboard service is configured to "Log On As" a domain admin or similar account that has access rights to the Database server. This account should also have administrative priviledges to the database.

What happened to RecordTS v2?

Support for v2 ceased on December 31, 2016. Current users of RecordTS v2 should consider upgrading to v4 now. Contact our sales dept to discuss upgrade options.

Can I still purchase RecordTS v2?

No. Existing users of v2 will be able to upgrade to v4 for free if they have current maintenance plans in place.