TSFactory Product Support

RecordTS for Terminal Server

Problems with Firewalls
Local firewall rules are created during install
1. Local firewall may not be configured properly
2. Possibly wrong or incorrect filewall profile was selected during install
3. Firewall may be disabled or turned off (not usually a problem)
4. Local firewall should have built-in rules to allow incoming RDP remote connections to port 3389
5. Connection problems may be due to Remote Desktop misconfiguration and not firewall
6. Try turning the firewall off temporarily to rule out connection blocking.
Outer or perimeter firewall may be blocking traffic
Any other firewalls may be blocking connections depending on where they are located in your network

If problems still exist after disabling the local firewall, then it may be another outer firewall causing problems
If the machine is located in a DMZ or similar network environment, then all firewalls need to be checked
License Server will not authenticate
1. Local firewall is not configured properly
2. Outer network firewall is not configured to allow connections to cla-tsfactory.com on port 27280
3. License Server needs to be manually authorized at customer's online account
4. License serice has not been properly configured with Subscription ID
5. Subscription has expired or been disabled
6. You have given it enough time to update itself. It can take up to 5 minutes to update.