TSFactory Product Support

RecordTS for Terminal Server

Problems with Recording Sessions
Users can connect but no sessions are being recorded
1. Probably a bad install. Antivirus can cause this. Disable AV and try reinstalling RecordTS.
2. There may be another program contending for port 3389 and preventing RecordTS to install properly. A netstst report will verify this.
3. Port misconfiguration may be a culprit. Verify RecordTS is listening on port 3389 and terminal services is on port 3390 (or whatever was set in the configuration.
4. It may be a firewall problemm. Verify the firewall rules are in place to allow RecordTS to accept incoming connections on port 3389.
Users cannot connect
1. See items 1-3 above.
2. Firewalls may be blocking connections depending on where they are located in your network
3. If problems still exist after disabling the local firewall, then it may be another outer firewall causing problems
4. If the machine is located in a DMZ or similar network environment, then all firewalls need to be checked
5. Verify remote desktop access has been configured properly on the server. Also, verify NLA is enabled if the clients are using it (or not)
6. Can the clients connect without RecordTS on the machine? Should be verified prior to installing RecordTS.
7. Are there enough terminal server user licenses available?
8. Are you out of RecordTS user licenses? (check Dashboard/Configuration and Windows event logs for errors)
9. Is RecordTS configured properly (license service up and running, no warnings or errors posted)
10. Sometimes an extra reboot or two are required to convince Windows to update the registry with the new port information.