Session Recording

What is RecordTS?

RecordTS is VDI Session Recording software. It records remote desktop sessions for employee and contractor activity auditing, including VMware, Citrix and RDP sessions.

Why Does my Company Need RecordTS?
TSFactory helps organizations of all sizes reduce the risk associated with insiders – whether it is an employee or a third party, accidental or intentional. Get the visibility you need to be sure your valuable assets are protected.

Companies use surveillance cameras to record what is happening in physical locations. Now take that concept and apply it to your IT systems. RecordTS captures user activity when someone is accessing your systems or applications remotely. The result is a detailed audit trail that shows exactly who did what in video format.

RecordTS helps customers across a wide range of industries – find out how RecordTS can help your field here.

Download Now

You’ll immediately be able to:

  • Find out what your employees are doing while logged in remotely.
  • Verify what contractors, vendors and remote admins are doing on your servers.
  • Confirm company protocols are being met and review installations, upgrades, maintenance procedures.
  • And much more.

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