Flattening The Curve On Cybersecurity Risk After COVID-19

As corporate boards and CEO’s fight the battle of their lives to keep their companies alive amongst the COVID-19 crisis, they’ve also had to stiffen their lines of defense against hackers who look to take advantage of the situation.

Cybersecurity risk is on the rise, defenses are being challenged, and weaknesses are being exposed through widespread work-from-home practices. Like a General whose army is fighting too many battles on multiple fronts, this is stretching, and challenging leadership, management, employees, and cybersecurity teams like never before.

The gap between cybersecurity risk and defensive effectiveness is as wide as it’s ever been for most companies. Unfortunately, it won’t get easier once the pandemic subsides; it could get much worse.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Kelly Bissell, Global Senior Managing Director at Accenture Security, to get his insights on what he’s seeing.

Zukis: What’s the most important cybersecurity lesson corporate leaders are learning through COVID-19?

Bissell: It’s really brought into focus how critical it is for organizations to have real-time capability and adaptability of their cybersecurity defenses. Hackers looked for ways to take advantage of the COVID-19 situation immediately, as organizations had to implement work-from-home mandates in short order at a scale and scope not experienced before.


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