In the Future of Work, Cybersecurity Needs to Be More Human

Keeping up with the latest cybersecurity threats is already a stiff challenge for businesses. With every new technology and every new update seems to come new vulnerabilities that need to be found, patched and shared.

That challenge became even greater when two-thirds of the workforce moved to their home offices. Now, in addition to shoring up their organization’s remote work infrastructure, IT departments also need to account for a slew of new cybersecurity needs. From unsecured internet connections to an increase in device use, businesses need to prepare for what future threats hold.

A large part of that protection lies within the workforce itself. In a session at the CDW Future of Work Virtual SummIT, CDW Practice Architect Paul Shelton discussed how the changing nature of work is creating new cybersecurity challenges, and how organizations can turn employees into their greatest security advocates.

Source: BizTech

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