Cybersecurity money part of emergency coronavirus request

COVID-19 CYBER MONEY ON THE TABLE — The Trump administration wants at least four agencies to get tens of millions of dollars for cybersecurity as part of its $48 billion coronavirus emergency funding request, but it inexplicably does not seek money for that purpose for CISA, the agency responsible for providing cybersecurity tools to federal agencies.

Under the Office of Management and Budget’s request, the Department of Energy would get $21 million “for additional information technology requirements and telework support, also including increased cybersecurity costs.” Part of FEMA’s $47 million would go toward “information technology requirements including expanded conference bridge capabilities, cybersecurity, and virtual private networks,” while the Interior Department would receive $17 million “for network security upgrades to reduce cybersecurity risks, including for servers that DOI manages for other agencies.” The National Archives and Records Administration would get $5.5 million “to provide electronic remote access to all NARA employees, including hardware and accelerating cyber security improvements.” CISA would get only $30,000, “for personal protective equipment” for employees.

Source: Politico

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