RecordTS v5 released this month!

The long awaited arrival of the next big release of RecordTS v5 is finally here, and boy is it loaded!

Sporting a new interface look and feel, there are several new features added that make it more appealing to both small and large business class customers. Let’s take a look at what’s new:

Support for VMware Horizon v7.11

This is a big one, integrating session recording with VMware’s latest version of Horizon is a huge bonus for Horizon users. Many hours went into polishing this feature by adding a host of other smaller features to support the VDI crowd and large deployments. Horizon sessions use the MP4 video format which is allows faster and simpler session playback with no conversion required on the back end like RDP/ICA does.

Active Directory integration

Another big one, mainly focusing on user authentication and more granular access control to the Dashboard webconsole. Also added was support for user groups with defined managers, allowing department supervisors to view their direct report’s sessions.

Addition of VDI licensing

This new licensing mode accommodates customers with lots of workstations to record. Each VDI license will auto-sense a recorder installed on a workstation and enable the recorder with one concurrent user CAL. Pricing is set accordingly for packs of 50 and up.

Native database session and file encryption

In-transit data streaming off recorders to storage and at-rest data on disk are now encrypted using TLS 1.2 and enhanced file encryption. Data is safe the second it leaves the recorders.

Single Server Edition has some updates too

  • User authentication has been added to the configuration webconsole to prevent intruders from accessing the system settings or viewing sessions.
  • The webconsole now support secure web browsing using https.
  • Unattended installation plus support for multi-monitor mode and RDP protocol security and authentication enhancements.



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