The Cybersecurity 202: Pentagon’s choice of Microsoft for cloud contract is double-edged sword

The Defense Department shocked the information technology industry after announcing last week it would turn to Microsoft for its $10 billion cloud computing infrastructure, rejecting long-standing criticisms over whether it’s wise to depend on a single company for such an important task.

The award signals a sea change in how the military will protect its most closely-held national security secrets. Unless a bid protest puts a stop to it, U.S. military agencies will soon begin transferring hundreds of disparate computer systems onto a centralized system managed by Microsoft.

The Pentagon currently relies on a hodgepodge of mainframes and smaller clouds — many of which are locked down because they contain sensitive classified information. But defense officials have long said this disjointed approach has made it impossible for them to push out software updates in a timely manner, hampering their response to emerging cyberthreats.

Source: The Washington Post

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