Cybersecurity giant Symantec plays down unreported breach of test data

The American cybersecurity giant Symantec has downplayed a data breach that allowed a hacker to access passwords and a purported list of its clients, including large Australian companies and government agencies.


The list extracted in the February incident, seen by Guardian Australia, suggests that all major federal government departments were among the targets of a hacker who also claimed to be responsible for Medicare data being available for sale on the dark web.


But Symantec said the “minor incident” involved “an isolated, self-enclosed demo lab in Australia – not connected to Symantec’s corporate network – used to [demonstrate] various Symantec security solutions and how they work together”.


The incident was not reported because Symantec concluded that “no sensitive personal data was hosted in or extracted from this demo lab, nor were Symantec’s corporate network, email accounts, products or solutions compromised”.


Source: The Guardian


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