Daniel Kelley: The teen behind the cybercrime screen

When Daniel Kelley failed to pass certain GCSEs in the summer of 2013, a chain of events began that led him to the heart of the British justice system at the Old Bailey.

Kelley, then a 16-year-old schoolboy from Llanelli, in Carmarthenshire, would come to be described as a “prolific, skilled and cynical cyber-criminal” responsible for hacking and blackmail, who targeted companies all over the world, including the British telecoms giant TalkTalk.

He has now been sentenced to four years in a young offenders institution after pleading guilty to 11 hacking-related offences.

The underperforming teen had not achieved the right grades to get onto the Level 3 BTEC in computing course at his local college, Coleg Sir Gar.

Instead, while friends he described as “thick” started his chosen course, he had to make do with the lower Level 2 option. He is reported as having poor attendance on the course, even while claiming he “knew more about computers than everyone in the college.”

Source: BBC News

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