Trump’s cybersecurity adviser Rudy Giuliani blames Twitter after embarrassing typo

Rudy Giuliani, the former Republican presidential nominee who is advising President Trump on cyber security,  has mistakenly accused Twitter of linking one of his tweets to “a disgusting anti-President message” after a typo in one of his tweets led to a prank.

Mr Giuliani failed to insert a space in between two sentences in a tweet he posted last week. When used in a tweet, a full stop in between two words is automatically turned into a hyperlink. Shortly after the tweet was published, an enterprising internet user took advantage of the situation to purchase the web domain from the typo: “G-20.In”

The hyperlink in Giuliani’s tweet now links to a site which reads “Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country”, with a link to a Reddit post about Michael Flynn, the President’s former national security adviser, cooperating with the special investigation by Robert Mueller to avoid jail time.

Source: The Telegraph

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