Eurostar forces all customers to reset passwords after data breach

Eurostar has forced all of its customers to reset their passwords after detecting an “unauthorised attempt” to hack into its systems and access their accounts.


Customers reported receiving an email on Tuesday stating that the company had identified an attempt to access accounts using users’ email and passwords between the 15 and 19 of October.


Eurostar confirmed that credit card details and payment details were not compromised because the company does not store that information online.


Eurostar has yet to confirm how many people have been affected by this data breach or whether any data has been taken.


The company has reported the data breach to the Information Commissioner’s Office.


“We have taken this action as a precaution because we identified what we believe to be an unauthorised automated attempt to access accounts using your email address and password,” the company told customers.


“We’ve since carried out an investigation which shows that your account was logged into between the 15 and 19 October. If you didn’t log in during this period, there’s a possibility your account was accessed by this unauthorised attempt.”


Source: The Telegraph


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