Congress is powerless to stop the most obvious way they could get hacked by foreign states

Congress has no power to stop foreign powers from hacking into the personal emails of senators and their staff, a senator has warned.

The US Senate Sergeant at Arms (SAA), which oversees all of the Senate’s security, lacks the authority to shield politicians and their aides from the growing number of cyberattacks from foreign governments, Sen. Ron Wyden wrote in a Wednesday letter.

Wyden, a Democratic senator for Oregon, said in his letter that “at least one major technology company” had recently “informed a number of Senators and Senate staff members” that their personal email accounts were under fire from hackers backed by foreign governments.

The SAA’s cybersecurity personnel, however, has not been able to shield senators and staffers from those attempts, Wyden said.

He wrote:

“Given the significance of this threat, I was alarmed to learn that SAA cybersecurity personnel apparently refused to help Senators and Senate staff after these attacks.

“The SAA informed each Senator and staff member who asked for help that it may not offer cybersecurity assistance for personal accounts.

“The SAA confirmed to my office that it believes it may only use appropriated funds to protect official government devices and accounts.”

Source: Business Insider

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