Cybersecurity – Women are the future?

Women. They’re everywhere. Waves of women, marching on Washington, New York, L.A., in communities across the country. On the cover of Time magazine. As far as the eye can see, a sea of pink hats, an ocean of assertiveness, goodwill and promise. The Year of the Woman. #MeToo. At the ballot box where they’re running for office in record numbers. In the cybersecurity industry, where they’re taking a much-deserved seat at the table.

There’s no doubt that the women’s movement, however you define it, has had a positive effect on the plight of women in security. “The landscape is changing and the most important thing is now it’s a conversation, women can now say that’s inappropriate,” says Circadence Vice President of Global Partnerships and Security Evangelist Keenan Skelly, who as a former U.S. Army explosive ordnance disposal technician is no stranger to working in male-dominated environments.

That’s in accordance with what Kathie Miley, COO at Cybrary, has observed while gathering data for a study on women in cybersecurity. “It’s out in the open where people feel more comfortable talking about it,” she says.

Inspired by #MeToo, which saw powerful men in Congress and Hollywood forced out of their positions for harassment and even assault, the women in the national security community wrote an open letter to government and their peers. “We, too, are survivors of sexual harassment, assault, and abuse or know others who are. This is not just a problem in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, newsrooms or Congress. It is everywhere,” the letter reads. “These abuses are born of imbalances of power and environments that permit such practices while silencing and shaming their survivors.”

Source: SC Magazine

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