Former Citrix chief Mark Templeton takes over at cloud start-up DigitalOcean

Former Citrix CEO Mark Templeton has a new job. He’s taking over as chief of DigitalOcean, a trendy start-up that prioritizes developers and teams as it offers cloud infrastructure for hosting applications.

DigitalOcean offers low-cost competition to big cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft and Google for the basic tasks that were the original appeal of cloud computing, like remotely running computing tasks and storing data. As companies become more comfortable relying on third-party providers to run their applications, the market is expanding, leaving some room for small players like DigitalOcean.

The company was founded in 2011, and its core market is developers who build things and don’t want to futz around with the complexity that you can run into when you use the big guys. It also has a community of 3.5 million developers, including some customers and some more casual users who look at documentation and other content on its web site.

But along the way, it’s racked up business customers, such as group video chat app Houseparty and managed hosting company Cloudways, and three-quarters of its revenue now comes from businesses, says cofounder and outgoing CEO Ben Uretsky. The company now has an annualized revenue run rate in excess of $200 million, Uretsky said.

Source: CNBC

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