Samsung won’t be forced to update old phones

A consumer association had argued that Samsung should update its phones for at least four years after they go on sale.

Regular software updates can address security problems but older models do not typically receive all the latest updates.

However, the court rejected the association’s claims.

What was the issue?
Samsung produces some of the world’s best-selling mobile phones running Google’s Android operating system.

Google regularly produces software updates that address newly discovered security flaws, and offers these to phone manufacturers such as Samsung. It is often up to the phone manufacturer to distribute the update to its customers.

Consumer group Consumentenbond said Samsung was not distributing updates in a “timely” manner.

It also pointed out that many of its handsets no longer received any security updates at all. It claimed Samsung should support phones for at least four years after they first go on sale – or for at least two years after they were last sold.

Source: BBC News

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