Digital-keen customers put airport cyber security at risk

Air passengers’ growing desire for a seamless digital experience is putting airports at greater risk of cyber attack, a new study has found. The report from PA Consulting, Overcome the Silent Threat, said that a “hyper-connected model” where passengers in airports wanted fast internet and digital engagement with airlines and retailers brought “a larger attack surface for cyber criminals to exploit”. There were 1,000 cyber attacks each month on aviation systems in 2016, according to the European Aviation Safety Agency.

Last year, Latam Airlines and Ukraine’s Boryspil airport were indiscriminately hit by ransomware, and in 2016 Vietnam Airlines had to carry out its operations at airports by hand after hackers took down its website.

David Oliver, global travel security lead at PA, said: “There’s a steady trend of the customer being more demanding, expecting more and more connectivity and a more and more seamless experience and that puts the pressure on the airports to innovate . . . and integrate things in a way they wouldn’t have done previously.”

Source: Financial Times

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