The Trick To Winning At Cybersecurity? Expect To Get Hacked

When the ATM started spewing cash at the Citizens Bank in Cromwell, Conn. on Jan. 27, it was no freak mechanical accident.

Instead, this is one of the first instances in the U.S. of so-called “jackpotting,” where thieves attempt to hack into ATMs by installing malware, causing money to fly out spontaneously. That day, Cromwell Police officers arrested two men who were found near an ATM as it was dispensing $20 bills — the suspects allegedly possessed more than $9,000 in $20 bills, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the District of Connecticut. And while it may sound like a scene lifted from a Hollywood caper, it is no anomaly: the U.S. Secret Service reportedly warned about this new technological capacity in the U.S. last month, previously seen overseas. Other instances have been reported in Hamden and Guilford, Conn. as well as Providence, Rhode Island.

Source: Forbes

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