10 reasons not to innovate your cyber security

When was the last time you assessed your cybersecurity strategy? Given today’s ever-changing security landscape, it’s probably been too long.

In this world of constant cyber threats, businesses can’t afford to be complacent. Yet, despite the near constant stream of data breaches making headlines, far too many organisations insist that their current security model is good enough.

Dan Panesar, VP EMEA, Certes Networks, outlines 10 reasons businesses give for maintaining the status quo.

1. You’ve never been hacked before, and you’re confident you know where you critical or sensitive data is at all times. Why change something that’s working today?

No business can ever be 100% sure where its data is or that it hasn’t been compromised in transit. Failure to recognise this issue is a board level responsibility.

2. You tick the boxes when it comes to GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA (and other regulations) so you’re secure. No company that has met their compliance requirements has ever been hacked, right?

Taking a compliance led approach to securing customer data will cause a fundamental vulnerability within the cybersecurity infrastructure, simply waiting for hackers to exploit. Compliance is important, clearly, but it should be a subset of the overall, continuously evolving security strategy, rather than an end-point goal in itself.

Organisations are understandably concerned about the financial penalties associated with failing to achieve regulatory compliance. But take a step back and consider the financial implications of data breach, of high profile customer data compromise. That is a far more significant cost and an event that will have long term repercussions on customer perception and loyalty.

Source: IT Pro Portal

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