Healthcare organisations are ramping up investments in cyber security, says Infoblox

In a country where 26% of healthcare organisations are willing to pay ransom to hackers and 23% of IT professionals are not confident in their organisation’s ability to respond to a cyber-attack, one may deduce that the healthcare sector is virtually losing the battle against cyber criminals.

Add to that the fact that 20% of networks at healthcare organisations run legacy operating systems like Windows XP which has been unsupported since April 2014, as well as the fact that only 36% of healthcare organisations in the UK are investing in encryption software to protect their IoT devices from malicious actors. It’s a perfect recipe for disaster.

These figures were revealed by a survey conducted by Infoblox to understand the ability of healthcare organisations to respond to cyber-attacks, be it DDoS attacks, ransomware attacks, phishing attacks or malware injections.

Source: TEISS

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