Are The Equifax, SEC and Deloitte Cybersecurity Breaches Desensitizing Society To This Threat?

Every organization has a series of high-risk crisis scenarios that are the most likely, high-impact, types of crises to strike. One of these high-risk scenarios, which pertains to every organization today, is a cybersecurity crisis.

Now, the magnitude of the impact that a cybersecurity crisis risks presenting to your organization depends on the type of data, systems and operations that are particular to your brand. However, at the very least, you have employee personally identifiable information (PII) that you hold in some capacity, which if breached, would result in unwelcome vulnerabilities to the valued members of your team.

With all of this established, I’d like to pose the following question for contemplation:

With breaches like Equifax, the SEC, and now Deloitte becoming more of a commonality, does the general public risk becoming desensitized to this threat and its impact on them personally?

Source: Forbes

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