TSFactory’s RecordTS – User Activity Monitoring

RecordTS is a remote session recording solution and User Activity Monitoring that records and audits employees, administrators, external vendors, and consultants’ activities while remotely logged into your Windows servers.

5 Reasons You Should Monitor Your Employees’ Computers

5 Reasons You Should Monitor Your Employees’ Computers – The Necessity of Remote Desktop & Session Recording And Not Just to See If They’ve Been on Facebook

RecordTS v4 Now in Citrix Marketplace

RecordTS – The Best Replacement for Citrix SmartAuditor & Session Recorder

TSFactory’s RecordTS is a powerful, efficient, high performance recording solution for Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop virtual desktops as well as for VMware Horizon and RDS. RecordTS session recorder captures video of all on-screen activity – with technology that’s more reliable than Citrix SmartAuditor.

Introducing RecordTS v4 – Record in the Cloud

RecordTS v4 takes a big step forward in helping customers combat insider threats. It allows you to know what your vendors, employees, and privileged users are doing. Knowing what users are doing with your company information is a key piece of telling a better security story.

TSFactory Receives 5 Star Review from Leading IT Security Magazine

TSFactory received a 5 star review in SC Magazine, the leading source of specialist information and intelligence for those working in IT security. The review highlighted the ease of use, forensic management of data and good, scalable performance.

Why Cloud Providers Should Partner with Third Parties to Offer SECaaS

Today’s businesses face an IT environment where proprietary information and confidential client data must be secured against ever-escalating attacks and evolving vulnerabilities. At the same time, employees can now work from anywhere using mobile devices that access company data and malicious threats (from device theft to hacking to ransomware) loom large with their potential to …

The 5 Basic Cybersecurity Mistakes You Make Everyday

We like to think we’re quite savvy when it comes to cybersecurity at work, but it is easy to make common mistakes that can have far reaching consequences. One singular incident can cause stolen data, diminished customer confidence, reputational harm and compliance penalties that can be costly.

WannaCry & the Blame Game